Easy Strawberry Cake

I love Strawberries. If I HAD to pick a favorite fruit, they’d definitely be in the top 5 list. One thing that I noticed very quickly when I first moved here is that strawberries weren’t readily available in the supermarkets like back home. It’s not unusual to walk into your local grocery store and see … More Easy Strawberry Cake

Roasted Peppers

Every time we go to Mamma Adelasia’s house to eat, Carlo always mentions that I need to learn how to make (whatever we are eating that night). So, a few months ago, I learned to make one of my new favorite side dishes: Roasted Peppers. (Peperoni Arrostiti) So, I thought I would try to make … More Roasted Peppers

Zucchini Fritti

One of my favorite things that Mamma Adelasia makes is Zucchini Fritti. It’s so good and not very healthy but… it’s zucchini so, it’s half-way healthy. Because it is soo simple and good, I always make it when zucchini is on sale at the store. Zucchini Fritti Zucchini Olive oil Salt Start by Slicing the … More Zucchini Fritti