Bilingual Babies

Before Miss V was born, we had already decided which method we’d be using for our kids. We decided on OPOL (one parent one language) and luckily enough, it has worked very well. I hear stories from other parents where the community, (and/or family) aren’t supportive of the minority language. This makes me so sad because … More Bilingual Babies

1st Mother’s Day

So far, motherhood is exactly what I thought it would be.  Pure joy and a lot of crying.. from the baby.  We’ve been lucky enough to have a “brava bambina” who only cries when I have to wake her up to feed her and when she’s extremely tired.  I know that will change soon but … More 1st Mother’s Day

A friend indeed…

I actually had a whole other topic I wanted to blog about but let’s face it… I’m lazy!  I’ve got 3 more weeks until this baby makes her debut and I’ve just been too tired to blog.  However, I found that this topic was too good to pass up AND… well, it’s just nice to … More A friend indeed…

Christmas Celebrations

I thought about posting some of these pictures earlier but, I wasn’tquite sure what to say so I thought I’d just wait and do one big, long post about Christmas. (instead of several small ones). I’m happy to report that our first Christmas in Italy has been wonderful. It started with our Ward Christmas Party. … More Christmas Celebrations