Italian Summer Vibes

It’s that time of year again! August in Italy is my least favorite month. It’s hot and lonely. When you don’t have air condition, the weather is hot no matter what the actual temperature is. Lonely because almost EVERYONE takes off on vacation. You have people who go into the mountains and those who take … More Italian Summer Vibes

Summer (with kids)

As my girls get older, I realize how much easier it was to entertain them when they were little. The occasional arts & crafts project kept them busy for hours. Messy playdough sessions were a big hit. But now… NOW… it’s all YouTube and Apps. The last two years, I took the girls to Texas … More Summer (with kids)

2019 One Word Theme

How quickly the days and weeks have flown by. It’s already the middle of January and I have yet to come back to blogging. Lately, I have been telling people how much easier life was when the kids were smaller. Their messes were small and contained. I controlled the toy situation. Now that they’re bigger, … More 2019 One Word Theme