Our family vacation…2016 (part 2-location and food)

Last year we  stayed at a simple hotel called Piccolo Mondo. It’s part of the Valentini Village group. As I mentioned in the post (read here), these hotels are usually all inclusive. Some are small 3 stars, other 4 star luxury hotels. Either way, because they belong to this group, all patrons are able to … More Our family vacation…2016 (part 2-location and food)

Day trip: Lago d’Orta

There are many reasons to love Piemonte. One of my favorite things about this region is the location. It’s position on the Alpine border makes it perfect for visiting pristine lakes. Lago d’Orta is one that we have visiting a few times this summer. It’s located in northern Piemonte near Lago Maggiore and the Switzerland border. … More Day trip: Lago d’Orta

Chiuso per ferie

  We’re in the peak of summer season and the Italians are getting ready to hit the road. Many have already been ‘Chiuso per Ferie’ which means, Closed for Holidays! Back in the good ol’ days, everyone would shut down the entire month of August and head out to the beaches or mountains. When I … More Chiuso per ferie

City Gardens: Giardino bambini e bambine vittime di Beslan

Every once in a while, we’ll come across a playground that looks too good to pass up. This is one of them. While it’s not my favorite, the girls BEG me on several occasions to go. Is it this crazy looking’ fireman’s pole? Or this funky monkey bars? Or maybe the fact that they have … More City Gardens: Giardino bambini e bambine vittime di Beslan