My last post was a month ago. Not because I didn’t have anything to write about but because #MomLife. It’s currently past midnight and this is the first time I’ve been up late…. AND not on my phone. I’m actually on a computer which is a BIG DEAL. Things are supposed to get easier. Bedtimes … More #MomLife

Bilingual Babies

Before Miss V was born, we had already decided which method we’d be using for our kids. We decided on OPOL (one parent one language) and luckily enough, it has worked very well. I hear stories from other parents where the community, (and/or family) aren’t supportive of the minority language. This makes me so sad because … More Bilingual Babies

Mini First Aid kit

Summer hasn’t officially started but we’ve been practically living at the playground every day for the past few weeks. Baby C is becoming more  independent which means she’s wanting to play with the big kids. She’s the more rambunctious of the bunch so I feel like I should be more fully prepared for anything that … More Mini First Aid kit