When LIFE happens…

While it’s only been a month since my last post, I feel like it’s been longer. I’ve tried to keep up but Life happens. My parents came to visit and I had good intentions to document their visit but Life happens. When they come to visit it’s like Christmas. New clothes for the girls, orders … More When LIFE happens…


I’ve been a mom for almost 7 years now and this is the time I have been waiting for. My girls are very close in age. They are 6, 4, & 3. I have spent these last years with a kid attached to me and while I have enjoyed it, I couldn’t wait for the … More Transitions


*This post was started a few months ago but I’ve just now been able to edit the video.   We love watching YouTube videos. What’s up Moms is an obvious favorite and the girls love Cool School. So when both of these channels posted DIY slime videos we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to try … More DIY SLIME


My last post was a month ago. Not because I didn’t have anything to write about but because #MomLife. It’s currently past midnight and this is the first time I’ve been up late…. AND not on my phone. I’m actually on a computer which is a BIG DEAL. Things are supposed to get easier. Bedtimes … More #MomLife