Easy Strawberry Cake

I love Strawberries. If I HAD to pick a favorite fruit, they’d definitely be in the top 5 list. One thing that I noticed very quickly when I first moved here is that strawberries weren’t readily available in the supermarkets like back home. It’s not unusual to walk into your local grocery store and see … More Easy Strawberry Cake

Chocolate Kisses

Happy World Nutella Day!!! I just whipped up a batch of chocolate kisses and I may have found my new favorite go-to treat. These are super simple and quick. I found this recipe in a Nutella cookbook that I bought years ago. After the first batch I took a minute or two off the baking … More Chocolate Kisses

Party for 2!

Since Carlotta was born 3 days after Betty’s first birthday, I decided to wait until April and have Valentina’s and Betty’s party on the same day. It just made more sense that way. I tried to prepare in advance but I was just too tired and by the time the party was just a few … More Party for 2!