Party Girl

*1 of 3 drafts that needed to be finished. Valentina’s 2nd Birthday party was a huge success! I started planning a month earlier (just like last year) and quickly decided on my theme.  Valentina is really good at knowing her colors and she loves balloons. So after a couple of quick searches on Pinterest, I … More Party Girl

The Big 2!!

Dear Valentina, You’re now 2 years old. 2! I can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday that I was writing your 1st year post. This past year has been a fun one! You’ve traveled quite a bit and met some wonderful people. We went to Naples the week after your birthday. Then left for … More The Big 2!!

Potty Time?

Valentina is now 21 months old. She’s grown so much in the last year.. let alone in the last few months. I wanted to start the New Year right. We took away the pacifier and have no problems with that. I also wanted to start potty training her but we’re having some issues. Carlo doesn’t … More Potty Time?


My little reindeer sure has changed in the past year! I still remember taking the picture last year. We had just opened a package from my mom and she gave me a quick smile with her little teeth poking out! This year, she proudly wore the antlers around the house and said “cheese” when I … More ONE YEAR LATER….


Dear Valentina, Forgive me for not writing this sooner but as I will explain, you’re quite the handful and getting a few minutes out of the day let alone in the evening is next to impossible. You’re now officially 18 months! You’re not the same little baby anymore. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown … More 18 MONTHS!

My days with V..

I’m in serious need for some Vitameatavegamin. I have NO energy.  Chasing a kid around the house ALL the live long day is exhausting. Add a baby in the belly and you can imagine what I’m talking about. I wake up nauseated and immediately need to drink Sparkling water. It’s the only thing that helps … More My days with V..

On your Birthday

Dear Valentina, Today is your birthday! You are officially ONE YEAR OLD!  This past year has been an amazing journey for all of us. It seems like just yesterday, that I was at the hospital getting ready for your arrival. Every night, we look at you while you sleep and we can’t believe how incredibly … More On your Birthday