Mom Life


These are my 3 monkeys. They’re close in age and I am so grateful for them. Mom Life has been challenging as I’ve spent the last 5 years neglecting myself and focusing 100% on my girls. I spend my days cleaning up messes, playing legos and teaching my girls the importance of knowing who they are and where they come from.

My girls have dual citizenship and are bilingual. Using the OPOL method (One Parent One Language) they learned that mom speaks American English and daddy speaks Italian. While Carlo and I speak English to each other, the girls do hear me speak Italian to other Italians and Carlo does speak English to other English speakers. Living in Europe definitely has it’s advantages. The schools here teach “British English” so we have to tackle the topic of “American english” vs “Peppa Pig english”. While my best friend has moved back to France with her husband, it hasn’t stopped my girls from asking Tonton Flo (uncle Flo) how to say certain phrases in French. Miss V has also taken an interest in Japanese since we’ve started having playdates with little boy who is Japanese/Italian.

I grew up in a bilingual home (Spanish/English) so it’s only natural to incorporate my heritage into our everyday life. Some of the girls first words have been in Spanish.

I like to refer to our home as multi-cultural/religious. My heritage is Mexican and I’m a 3rd generation Texan so I therefore refer to myself as Tex-Mex. We love to celebrate all of the holidays our cultures offer. From your Onomastico (Saint day) to El Grito (Mexico’s Independence Day) to Halloween and Texas Independence Day.. we do it all!

As for our religions… Carlo is Catholic and I am Latter-Day Saint (Mormon). We are exposing our girls to both religions and breaking down the barriers. It is possible to live the principles that both of our faiths share. They go to church with me on Sundays but they often ask to attend Mass with daddy as well. Love, Faith, Charity, Service, Kindness etc… those are the values we are teaching our children and as long as they follow those principles we will be happy.

As our girls get older and more independent, I’m trying to find different approaches to document our lives and capture the memories we’re making. I’ve been following a couple of blogs for a few years now and these women are seriously inspiring. They each have their own unique approaches to motherhood and in their own ways give me the drive to live differently, try new things and just be fearless when it comes to showing my girls how much we fun can have. I seriously need to get over my shyness and be bold. Not to be afraid of the camera.. wether I’m behind it or in front. So get ready folks.. cause we’re gonna have some fun! (i hope!)

My favorite mom/family blogs:

AweShumBus– Home schooling mom of 6 (yes… 6 kids)! They just bought a bus and are trying to remodel it so they can do some cross country fun! I can’t wait to see what they do!!

BabyMakingMachine– I’ve been following Jenn since Miss V was a few months old. In fact, I was hooked because her little girl, Little J is just a few months younger then V. So it’s been fun virtually seeing them grow up together and reach the same milestones. I love the videos Jenn makes of her kids (she has 2) and she’s really giving me the itch to try vlogging.

What’s Up Moms?– You’ve probably seen many of their YouTube parody videos and they are HILARIOUS! What I love about WUM is that in the 2-3 minutes I have in my day, I can learn a DIY craft, learn a recipe or just laugh to destress. I’ve actually tried a few of Meg’s recipes and the girls love them! Along with Jenn, Elle has given me the vlog itch and has me thinking about documenting day to day life with the kids.

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