I have loved photography since I was in High School. I always wanted a great high quality camera but always had to settle for simple point and shoot styles. Of course, I would practice anyway and sometimes would get great shots. Anytime I can get my camera out, I take the opportunity and shoot as much as I can. Photography is an art and just because you have a “nice camera” doesn’t mean you are a photography. I have so much to learn and until I can devote more time to learning, I’m happy just practicing until I get those “lucky” shots.

These are a few of the sites I love:

Shannon Aston Photography

Rachel Thurston Photography

Simply Italiana

Valerio Minato PH



lucky, unedited shots…

DSCN1795 019_16A

DSCN1788 DSS1754 grasshopper 021_18A


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