Health & Wellness

Obviously this ties into food but also fitness. I walk/jog 2-3 times a week. I’m not yet a runner and hopefully one day I will be. Now that the girls are older and aren’t dependent on me so much, I’m focusing back on my health. Three pregnancies in 4 years time really messed up my body. In February 2014, I started walking again and by August reached 7-9 kilometers each time. At which point, I added jogging and by the end of the year, dropped 22lbs. I don’t do shakes, pills, or any extreme workouts. I do what I have time for and that works for me.

My goal for 2015 is to run. I haven’t decided if I actually want to run a race or just for myself but I want to be able to run and not have to stop. In March 2015, I finally reached my first goal. I ran 5k without stopping. My next goals are to work on my time and then eventually reach for 7k.

You can find me on Nike + running!

Here are some of the Fitness sources I follow. *

I’m a Fit Mormon

Run With Julie


Run, Selfie, Repeat

Women’s Running Magazine




*I follow these pages on Facebook and Instagram, but don’t actually follow their programs.

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