Messer Tulipano

It’s Springtime and that means that everything is in bloom. We’ve survived the winter, made it through the February blues and are itching to get out into the sun! One of my favorite events happens every year in April and that is the Messer Tulipano in Pralormo. Pralormo is located 25km southeast of Torino. One … More Messer Tulipano

Our Family Vacation…2016 (part 5- Surviving the beach)

It’s wintertime and while this year’s weather is absolutely bonkers, we’ve had a few cold spells. It’s during these cold months that Carlo and I tease each other about how we much we miss summer, or more specifically…. the beach. As I mentioned in the previous post, I gave up “relaxing” too much to be … More Our Family Vacation…2016 (part 5- Surviving the beach)