Chocolate Kisses

Happy World Nutella Day!!! I just whipped up a batch of chocolate kisses and I may have found my new favorite go-to treat. These are super simple and quick. I found this recipe in a Nutella cookbook that I bought years ago. After the first batch I took a minute or two off the baking … More Chocolate Kisses

Party for 2!

Since Carlotta was born 3 days after Betty’s first birthday, I decided to wait until April and have Valentina’s and Betty’s party on the same day. It just made more sense that way. I tried to prepare in advance but I was just too tired and by the time the party was just a few … More Party for 2!

The Sunday Meal

Today’s Sunday meal was a quick and easy favorite.  Since we had a big day ahead, we wanted something that didn’t take a lot of prep work. So we settled for: “Da Bomb” Sandwiches.  I remember the first time I made these for Carlo he liked them so much that he just kept calling them … More The Sunday Meal

The Sunday Meal

… that wasn’t on Sunday.  We had a last minute invitation to have Sunday lunch with one of Carlo’s aunts so had to move our meal to today. Unfortunately, the weather was absolutely yucky considering that Sunday was really nice so, our menu seems a little off…. but it was still very tasty! Saturday night, … More The Sunday Meal

The Sunday Meal

Since we decided to go out for dinner on Saturday night, SOMEONE (Carlo) wanted to have a “light” meal on Sunday. So, did we have salad? white rice or white pasta? NO… Pizza & potato chips… Can someone please tell me what is “light” about that?!?!