Hey y’all! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Sonia and I’m from Texas.

In 2006, I met my Italian husband, Carlo, while he was on assignment in Texas. After a very quick engagement, we were married in May 2007. We enjoyed our first few years of marriage in Texas and in January 2009, began another adventure together. Torino is my husband’s hometown and the city I call home. Without knowing any Italian, I jumped in and accepted the challenge of living and learning all about my new life in Italy. Click here to read about our story.


MSM BLOG In 2008, I began blogging in preparation for our move. I wanted to have our family and friends come along for the journey. Our blog, La Dolce Vita was the perfect way to document all of the new changes we were going through. I explored the city, began to learn a bit about photography and eat as much gelato as I could get! In 2010, we added a branch to our family tree and welcomed our first daughter and changed the name of our blog to My Sweet Monkey.

IMG_5499-1In 2011, Carlo and I decided to begin a city blog called TurinLove. My first two years in the city, I explored the tourist attractions, restaurants and searched for the best gelato. As a native of Torino, Carlo knew the history and was my advisor. We wanted to highlight everything Torino has to offer. In 2012, we welcomed our second daughter. As a mom of 2, my priorities shifted and it became a bit more challenging to explore the city alone with 2 little ones. In 2013, another baby girl joined the family. I was now trying to balance 3 girls under the age of 4. My blogs became neglected.


As we enter a new phase in our life (aka: independent children!!) I want to continue this journey with renewed purpose.  By combining both blogs* into one, I’ll be able to showcase what Torino has to offer a family 5 as well as give you a glimpse into the juggling act that is everyday life. So, I welcome you to A Texas mom in Torino!

* i decided to import posts from both blogs into this one. a few of these posts are no longer relevant and need to be revised. i ask for your patience and understanding while i edit and update the information. 

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow! Your blog has had a major makeover and looks awesome! I’ve been so neglectful of all blogs lately (including my own!), but so glad to see you’re continuing on! So glad to be a part of your international family! Here’s to life as an expat in Europe! xx


  2. I´m so happy to have found you again! Years ago, my husband was hoping that we might move to Torino, so I freaked out a little and found your blog on expat.com. Your post on finding Mexican resources in Torino put me at ease, and I followed you (sadly, without commenting) until . . . well, I just couldn´t find you again!

    While it´s the longest of long shots that we´d ever move to Torino now (but not entirely out of the question), I´m so happy to be able to read about your Italian adventures again!

    And now that I´ve also got 3 kids, it´s good to know that eventually there WILL be time to blog again. I just won´t be this year. 😉

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    1. Jill! Welcome back. Thanks for finding me again. I merged and changed the name of my blog(s) to more reflect the direction my life was going. I just had a peek at your blog and I’m hooked! Blogging will be slow but don’t worry about it, just do it when you have time (even at midnight like me..haha)!


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