10 year Italyversary

Yes, that number is correct. I have been in Italy for 10 years and this blog is also 10 years old. I still remember the feelings I had preparing for my move, which started before I even knew when that would be.

Once the husband and I were officially engaged, I tried to prepare for what life would be like living in Italy. I bought lots of Chick-Lit books to light that flame of excitement and keep that fantasy alive. I devoured them. I would make weekly trips to the local bookshop just to find more and more books. 

While thinking about this post for the #DolceVitaBloggers Link up, I wasn’t sure what to write about, but then I saw Jasmine’s post about a book called, ‘A Thousand Days in Venice.’  

I remember reading that book as well as ‘A Thousand Days in Tuscany’ and thinking how I just couldn’t wait to move to Italy.  While packing up my belonging, sadly a lot of books didn’t make the cut to be brought over but I saved a few favourites.  If you’re daydreaming about a life in Bella Italia, may I suggest some fun reading to light that spark! 

I think a lot of Expat reach for at least one of Tim Parks‘ book. Italian Neighbors is the story of Tim and his family in Verona.

When reading about Italy, it’s almost a required to read Beppe Severgnini‘s books. Between ‘Ciao, America!’ and ‘La Bella Figura‘, you’ll be laughing at both side of the Expat Life! 

Were You Always An Italian?’ is a look at Italian- Americans stereotypes which is always fun!

Frances Mayes ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’ needs no introduction but I must say that I saw the movie first THEN read the book which I DID NOT enjoy. That’s because I did the reverse and it completely ruined the book. I know a lot of people love it, but I just can’t get into it. 

Living La Dolce Vita: Bring the Passion, Laughter, and Serenity of Italy Into your Daily life’ by Raeleen D’Agotino Mautner really need no other information. The title tells you everything you need to know!

The one that really got me, the one that made me live in that fantasy bubble for a while was ‘Italy, A Love Story’ which is a collection of stories from women and their experiences in Italy. 

Last but not least, is The Travellers Tales: Italy is a collection of essays obviously with different styles of writing. Not all of the stories are great, there are a few that will make you smile. 

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12 thoughts on “10 year Italyversary

  1. Auguri! Ten years of living in Italy!
    (Btw, I love Texas…my mother-in-law lives in Houston…should visit her again soon)
    I need to read your recommended books. I’ve only read Under The Tuscan Sun (which I wrote a review on)- and yes, I saw the movie first before the book. ;P I’m interested in reading La Bella Figura.


  2. Happy Italyversary!!! This is a great list! I loved reading about Beppe Severgnini’s experience in America! It’s fun to see the US from an Italian’s eyes. I agree with you about Under the Tuscan Sun! I saw the movie and was so excited to read the book because I thought that was the true story of the author. Maybe I’ll give it another try someday!


  3. Happy anniversary or buon anniversario Sonia! How do you find it now, do you feel more American or Italian? My Husband is never sure now he’s done 18 years in the UK! It’s so odd isn’t it the concept of belonging. Love your list of books as well. I also have a tall battered selection! Can’t really part with them though! xx


    1. Thanks Kristie. (sorry for the late reply) I have noticed that I am becoming more Italian. I’ll casually say something to my husband in Italian (we speak mostly English to each other) or I’ll mutter something to myself or the kids in Italian. I have also noticed that the slight hint of cool air or breeze and I reach for a hat or scarf! haha


  4. Happy Anniversary, sorry it’s belated! I’m usually more on time with my commenting but it’s just been one of those months I guess, getting back into the swing of things! Can I just steal your entire pile of books please? The Love Story one with experiences written by women is very intriguing I have to say, right up my alley I think! Thanks for joining us this month!


    1. Thanks! (sorry for the late reply on my end too!) The Love Story is good because it’s not just about finding romantic love but finding all types of love. There is one story in particular where the girl doesn’t fall in love with the cute guy, but instead falls in love with his Nonna!


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