The circus came to town!

Did you ever go to the circus as a kid? I did. In the States, we had the famous Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Dubbed as ‘THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH’ this was a big deal. Clowns, animals and over priced drink galore but we looked forward to going when we could afford to. Let’s face it, tickets are/were expensive and then there’s food and souvenirs.

Here in Torino, we don’t have a circus big enough to fill a large stadium BUT, we do have pop up circus’.  My husband is lucky that he works for a company that allows him to often get things at discounted prices. So, imagine my surprise when he told me he had bought tickets and we would take the girls.

We waited until the day of the event and didn’t mention it until we arrived at the park. To be honest, I didn’t expect much. It’s a pop up circus in the parking lot of Turin’s largest city park: Parco Pellerina. I was pleasantly surprised with the show however, I suggest you take a flashlight and a roll of toilet paper if you visit one. Taking a 4 yr old to the potty in the dark isn’t exactly easy.

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