Giro del Gelato: il Procopio

One of the first things I did when I started planning my visit to Florence was to find out where to go for amazing gelato. I have high standards and I do NOT go just anywhere. The problem with visiting touristy cities in the summertime is that it’s super hot and you just want something to cool you off.

While navigating my way through the Florentine streets, I couldn’t help but laugh at these tourist eating subpar gelato when they could just walk a couple more minutes to get better stuff.

With the help of blogs like Girl in Florence and Curious Appeitite, along with Conde Nast Traveler, I mapped out the top spots in Florence so that no matter what neighborhood I was in, I wouldn’t have to suffer and settle for bad gelato.

Il Procopio

Day one of our trip we kept things simple and walked the streets of Florence without agenda. Just marveling at the architecture and soaking in the local scene. My girls had done so well on the train ride and with the walking that we took them to the playground at Piazza dei Ciompi. Due to some construction and a belligerent drunk walking around the piazza looking for anyone with a lighter, we left and grabbed a gelato instead.

My sister in law and niece are obsessed with Granitas so there was no question what they were going to get.

As usual, one of the girls wanted Strawberry and another wanted Chocolate. I always ask for a coppetta bimbi or just tell them not to fill it too much as my girls are slow eaters and ALWAYS make a mess.

If I didn’t have my kids to look after, I totally would have gotten a cone with nuts on it. Don’t they look yummy?!

I can’t remember what flavors I got (i usually write them down), but I know that one of them was Caramello con arachidi pralinate salate… and it was DELICIOUS!

Miss V likes to stick to classics like Pistacchio… a wise choice.

If I had the time, I would have definitely gone back for another cup of gelato. It was THAT good!

This is one gelateria you don’t want to skip. Put this one on your must visit list!

Il Procopio

Via Pietra Piana, 62

Florence, 50121

Click here for their Facebook page


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