My Beginners Guide to Running: Getting Started and Staying Motivated


Last week, I watched a great documentary called Fat to Finish Line. It is such an inspiring film that I knew this was another sign that I should blog about my own journey with Running. As I mentioned in my last post, I had been talking to a few people about my running and even last week, when I attended a wedding, one of my husband’s cousins asked me about my running. (she’s an avid runner) In the last post, I wrote about my gear. Now I want to talk about how I started running and what has helped keep me motivated.



My journey started 3 years ago. It was 2014 and my baby had just turned 1 yr old. She was finally at the stage where she was comfortable with someone other than myself. As a birthday present, my husband bought me a pair of New Balance 750v1. He knew I had been wanting to get back to walking and it was finally time. From February 2014, I had begun walking 2-3 times a week. It was a rough beginning because I was such a walker back in the day. I’m talking BH… before Husband.

After a few months, my walking increased and I began to feel nothing. Not that I didn’t love walking because I did.. still do. However, how is it possible that I had to walk 9km just to break a sweat?! Seriously… I’m asking!! I knew what I had to do .. but I was trying to avoid it. Then one day, as I was walking, a group of runners ran past me. These weren’t your average runners.. these were people with Down Syndrome. I thought to myself, “Here’s a group of people who the world see’s different… but they’re just like you.. except they’re running and you’re not! What’s your excuse now?” That was the push I needed. How is it that I let my insecurities stop me? Why do I let my own thoughts get in my way?

Then and there, I started jogging… very, very, slowly. I began with my usual walk, then at some point, picking a starting and stopping point. I would tell myself, “Start when you get to the bench and run to the end of the street if you can.” I would do that for a week and then go a bit further, maybe to the water fountain, or the tree at the corner of the path. Never stressing myself, I calmly and slowly continued this rhythm.

Once I was able to run once around the park, I used an app to keep track of my distance. The Nike+ Run app (Now known as NRC- Nike+ Running Club) was great because I could set up the voice feedback how I wanted. I had it set for 1km intervals and soon I was running 1km. I began running in August 2014 and set my goal of running 3km by the end of the year. Not only did I meet my goal, I was also down 22lbs, without pills, shakes or dieting. By March 2015, I was running 5km.

Since then, my running has come and gone. It seems that every time we have visitors come, my running takes a back seat. Now that all 3 girls are in school and I am the Class Rep for one class, that also takes precedence and running stops. I recently started up again and I have missed it so much.



In the beginning, everything is great. We’re motivated, and ready to start a new way of life. But how do you stay motivated? How do you keep going when you’re too tired, too busy and just don’t want to go?

Besides my rockin’ playlist, I like to subscribe to several running/health blogs, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts.

WOMEN’S RUNNING MAGAZINE–  has been one of the most motivating sources around. They advocate healthy living and constantly feature runners of all sizes. One of my favorite contributors is Mirna Valerio, a distance runner who blogs at FAT GIRL RUNNING.

Another contributor I follow is Kelly Roberts of Run, Selfie, Repeat. I love how she gets real about the world of running, from running marathons to her struggles of running in a sports bra.

One Instagram account I love is Girls on the Run International. Between photos or smiling girls of all ages are quotes and statements to uplift you.

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#girlsontherun helps girls find their perfect pace! #gotr

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There was a campaign I saw that completely motivated me and encouraged me to NOT stop and that is This Girl Can. A fitness/wellness campaign from the UK. Maybe you’ve seen their ad…

Whenever I’m feeling down on myself, I just watch this video and I’m reminded of what I can accomplish.

I once said that I wasn’t a runner because I thought you had to run X number of kilometers. Then while reading from one of the many inspiring sites, I came across a quote. I don’t remember what it said exactly but it was along the lines of “Regardless if you run fast or slow, you’re a runner.” After 3 years, I feel like I can finally call myself a runner.. even if I walk faster than I run. At least  I’m doing it!




*Did this post help you want to run? Did it motivate you to try something different? Leave me a comment and let me know, What motivates you?

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