My Beginners Guide to Running: Gear

Now that we’re almost into Summer, I’ve noticed a lot more action at the park. I have also noticed quite a few parents dropping off their kids at school in their workout gear. (which is not something you see often)

Recently I was chatting with a few moms about our fitness routines and they all mentioned how they “have never been able to run.. ever.” They were surprised to hear that I had only started running 3 years ago and that I actually really do enjoy it.

Lately have been inspired to share what has worked for me and perhaps these tips could help someone who has been thinking about taking up running. As I started writing, I realized this was going to be a long post so, I’ll break this down into two parts: Gear and Technique & Motivation.


When it comes to clothes, I don’t like to spend too much. I honestly don’t think it’s necessary when you’re starting out. In the summertime, I wear yoga shorts and a t shirt. In the winter, I wear running pants that are lined with a bit of fleece to help keep me warm. I’ll also wear a hoodie or fleece sweater.

Domyos Yoga shorts via


What you should splurge on is a great pair of running shoes. Try different ones and see which fit your feet the best. I used to be a Nike girl but have since switched over to New Balance. I have 3 pairs that I rotate through: 750v1, 880v4, & the 880v5. I usually alternate with the 880’s just because at the moment, they give me more cushion. The 750’s are very light and while I love them, they’re not giving me the support I need now. I am 10lbs heavier now and I can feel it with each step.

New Balance 880v4 via

Ladies, we all know that the one key item that keeps us from enjoying our run is wearing the wrong sports bra. Those of us who are top heavy have a harder time. Personally, I hate having to wear 2 bras just to feel supported and contained. Well, I can honestly testify that the New Balance Shockingly Unshocking Bra works for me! I had seen an article online about the best new bras for Top heavy gals and this one was on the list. I didn’t hesitate to ask my husband to add that to the shopping cart the next time he had bought shoes for himself. Not only does it fit me perfectly but I don’t have to wear a second bra AND… everything stays in place!

The Shockingly Unshocking Bra via


Now that you’ve got the clothes and shoes, you need the tunes! I have a playlist that I listen to everytime. It’s got a mix of everything. I wanted to have a variety of music because the main goal is to get me through the run. From Aerosmith to Robbie Williams, Lady Gaga to Shakira…. it’s definitely helps me! I suggest going through your music library and see if there are any songs that you still get excited about when you heart them. Update your lists by checking out the top songs currently on iTunes, Amazon or Billboard 100.

Next is probably my new favorite toy. I went wireless with my headphones! I just bought the Treblab XR500 wireless headphones. I was a bit skeptical because my ears are small and I’m not much of a fan of over-ear headphones. However, I (so far) have not had any problems with these. They connect immediately, fit comfortably, have incredible sound and most importantly… they don’t fall out!

Treblab XR500 Bluetooth wireless headphones via

Since I had upgraded my phone, I also had to get a new armband. After a few days of research I went with the Xboun Sports Armband. What I liked about it was the it was big enough to hold my phone along with my keys and any other necessary items I may need. (i.e.. money or ID) My only complaint is that the screen protector doesn’t allow me to use the home button on my iPhone. So if my phone screens gets locked, I have to take it out of the case to unlock it.

XBoun Sports Armband


If you’re like me, you get excited with the idea of starting a new hobby and being able to buy items that are “must haves”.  Now that we’ve talked gear, the next step is Getting started and staying motivated! Stay tuned!


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