Messer Tulipano

It’s Springtime and that means that everything is in bloom. We’ve survived the winter, made it through the February blues and are itching to get out into the sun! One of my favorite events happens every year in April and that is the Messer Tulipano in Pralormo.

Pralormo is located 25km southeast of Torino. One of it’s most famous landmarks is the Pralormo Castle which has been the home of the Beraudo family since before 1200s. The family still resides in the Castle and it is open to tours.

On the castle grounds is where Messer Tulipano is held. 2017 marks the 18th edition of this festival and they have planted more than 90,000 bulbs of Tulips! While we plan to visit this month, I’d like to share our photos from last year.

Parking is available in a lot across the street and you’ll have to walk up the hill to reach the castle.

Once you reach the Castle you’re greeted with this gorgeous Wisteria.

Last year, more than 75,000 bulbs were planted for the event.

Sadly, we made the mistake of waiting until the last weekend and by then, a lot of the tulips were already dying.

While my husband appreciates nature and these festivals, the girls had the most fun. There are little pathways marked with cute decorations and markers to make it feel magical.

A fairy’s song

A fairy trap? Bird cage?

Not only are you surrounded by nature, but also nature’s bounty. There’s a small farmers market as well to purchase local fruits and veggies, along with plants and flowers.

The castle has a restaurant for this who wish to dine there but you also have to option to picnic among the tulips. There are benches, tables and chairs or pull up a stump like we did! I love how they carved out little pockets to hold your drinks or place other items inside.

I loved this exhibition they had where they incorporated flowers into the artwork. This one with Frida Kahlo was my favorite.

As well as this gorgeous ensemble… that I would totally wear!

No place is complete without GELATO! The Agrigelateria was a welcome treat. It was the perfect finishing touch to our picnic lunch.

There is so much to take it and I was just in awe. I had just started gardening as a hobby and was having major garden envy when I stepped into this greenhouse.

I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a beat. I wanted to take each and every one of these beauties an bring them home.

Along with this lemon tree!

Like most castles in Italy, this one also has a small chapel.

This chapel is so small and intimate that it made me wonder how many couples declared their love to one another with just their closest family members.

Looking at the picture below, I am immediately transported back to that spot. That is an entire wall of rosemary and the smell was amazing.

I highly recommend making the trip to the Pralormo Castle. During Messer Tulipano there are several events you can enjoy such as performance groups, Celtic music, workshops on flower care and arrangements, etc…


Messer Tulipano is from April 1st to May 1st.

For more information you can visit their website:

Edizione 2017 Castello di Pralormo (Italian)

The Castle and Mister Tulip (English) 


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