City Gardens: Giardino Nicola Grosa

Spring has finally arrived which means it’s time to once again, hit the playgrounds! Now that all of my girls are in school, our time to explore parks and play areas has been cut down. However a recent trip to the pediatrician gave Miss C and I an opportunity to explore a new neighborhood. The girls Doctor recently moved her office and our once 3 minute walk is now a 20 minute trip via metro.

Luckily for us, the rain hadn’t arrived yet so we managed to stroll to the Dr’s office. Afterwards we stopped by a grocery store, grabbed some snacks and made our way to the nearest playground. Unfortunately that one was a big dud but I noticed how close we were to the new Grattacielo, skyscraper,  and we headed that way.

The New San Paolo skyscraper has gotten mixed reviews from locals. I for one think it’s an eye sore but that’s many because it blocks my view of the city from my balcony.

I was pleasantly surprised that this playground was clean and had enough equipment to keep the little ones and big ones busy.

There is plenty of green spaces, perfect for tossing a frisbee or kicking a ball around.

The play area for the smaller kids is gated so there’s no worry that your little one will escape too easily.

Although I’m not a fan of the “grattacielo”, it did make for a nice backdrop for pictures.

Miss C and I really enjoyed this playground and she didn’t want to leave. On this particular day, it had been our third stop and she was finally happy with what she found here. This playground can be reached via Porta Susa metro stop. I highly recommend it for kids ages 1 to 10 yrs old.


*The city tries its best to upkeep these play areas. They’re cleaned once a week and checked for broken and damaged structures. They’ll often place a sticker on the equipment (usually the swings) with the date and time they controlled everything. There is also small plaque indicating the recommended age for use. While most of these playgrounds are gated some may not be completely closed off and most are located near very busy streets. 



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