2017 One Word Theme: MORE

Dear 2016-


This past year has been absolutely horrible for humankind. More attacks on the innocent and more Entertainment Icons that left us too soon.

I just revisited my goals for 2016 and I feel a bit defeated. Sadly, most of what I had set up for myself was never finished. (which is typical of all of us.. isn’t it?!)

2016 was to be the year I simplified things, slowed down and focus more on myself rather than others. Yes I know that sounds very selfish but considering that I have been putting everyone else first for almost 7 years, I think it’s about time!

Cleaning and getting organized was probably my biggest project or 2016. I started with lots of enthusiasm and motivation. I made an organizer, printed a calendar and cleaning schedules. All was well until summer hit and it started to slow down a bit. I didn’t get discouraged. I just picked up when school started up again. While I wouldn’t say that my house is always spotless, I have been able to keep up with the main cleaning schedule and that’s enough. I do have some projects that didn’t get finished, like decluttering my bedroom but that can still be done. Overall, I am very happy that my house is usually somewhat presentable and… decluttered. As I write this, I DO NOT have a box of random stuff in my hallway or kitchen! That is huge. For that last 6 years, we’ve had a stroller or boxes of stuff to give away/throw away lined up in the kitchen or hallway. Not anymore! Decluttered. Organized. Sometimes tidy… That’s good enough for me!

Running-  I continued my running but bronchitis and pain found me again. This time it included some nerve damage. Somehow I coughed and sneezed so much (and hard) that I pinched a nerve or something. There were days were I couldn’t walk, bend over, or carry Miss C. Luckily I got an anti-inflammatory and was able to continue but not to the point where I wanted to be. Stretching/Yoga seemed to help a bit.

Reading started out well. I read a few books and magazines but after our vacation, it just went down hill. I only have 50 pages left on Persuasion yet I can’t get past a page before I fall asleep.

Some unofficial goals I made for myself also included learning photography, knitting more and learning a few new dishes.

The new year is just a day away and I have been thinking of what I hope to do. I have so  many ideas but I’m not sure if I’ll even have the time to get them started so I don’t want to say too much. However, I know that my theme for 2017 is: MORE.


READING: I will read more this year. I want my girls to love to learn to read. I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t grow up in a house of readers. My husband loves to read and he continues to inspire me to read. I want my girls to get excited for books which they do but watching TV always wins. Reading comprehension is so important and I need the girls to be ready by the time they get to 1st grade.

COOKING/BAKING: I will spend more time in the kitchen. My parents are probably laughing at this one because they already tell me that I spend too much time in the kitchen. Last year, I set small goal: to learn how to make gnocchi and pesto. Two things I love and that are easy to make. Pesto quickly became a weekly staple in the house during the summer months, while gnocchi was only made once.  I started baking again and my husband was grateful.. although his pants are not! With that said, I have a few dishes I want to learn how to make and I vow to crack open all of those cookbooks that line my shelf!

Photography: My secret obsession.. or maybe not so secret. I finally started reading all of those articles I pinned on Pinterest over the years. I convinced myself to read a magazine in Italian to learn the terminology. I upgraded my equipment and got a new lens. This year I will learn more. I will continue to practice, read all articles, and watch any video that comes my way.

Knitting: I will knit more. I will learn to knit a hat. As easy as it is to knit scarves, I need to learn how to make hats. I will force myself to finish.. even if it comes out all wrong. I will learn from my mistakes and try again.


Serve: I want to give more of myself. I’ve been thinking of donating blood like my husband. Perhaps if I learn how to knit hats, I can be like those cute old ladies that knits hats for babies or the homeless. I’ll find something.

Whatever ever it is.. I will do more.

What do you want to do in 2017? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Great post! We are never complete. Always goal setting and changing and that’s good! Some of my goals are to have a successful student teaching experience, graduate, find a teaching job and visit Italy!


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