Italia Photo Marathon- Torino

Last Sunday I participated in 4th edition of Torino Photo Marathon. Leading up to the event, I picked up my studying to brush up on things I had learned. Unfortunately, most of my time was concentrated on back to school duties so I wasn’t able to pick up the camera and practice.

The Italia Photo Marathon is a touring event. 6 cities participate beginning in April. Genova, Padova, Rome, Milan, Torino and Palermo. Registration started at 9am at this year’s Click point (Check point) at Piazza della Republica or most commonly known, Porta Palazzo. It all begins at 10am. You’re given 3 themes every 3 hours. The rules are that you have until 11:59pm to shoot and you MUST stay in the city limits. Then you have until 11:59pm of the next day for post production and to submit your work. 1 photo for each theme is allowed, either using a digital camera or mobil for the Instagram option.



I loved that this event is for everybody. Professional, amateurs, kids.. every one! As you see from the picture below, we were given a card with the first 3 themes on them and every three hours, we’re given new card. We also had to give them a time card every time so that they knew you were actively participating. Your card had your registration number on it and you had to turn it in at 4pm when you checked in for the last themes. I imagine that using this system, they figured out that the head count was 1400 participants!



The 9 themes for the day were:

Sfumature Autunnali- Shades of Autumn

I originally wanted a landscape shot. Trees, leaves, etc.. but I also think about harvest time.


Ecofan per Natura- Nature Eco-Fan

I honestly was stumped for this because there are literally so much I could do with this. This shot just felt natural to me. While others were shooting the water fountains, this was more me. Enjoying the warmth of the sun, the shade of the trees, breeze of the wind, and tickle of the grass.


City Life- con gli occhi di un bambino- City Life- with a child’s eye

I submitted the B/W one since this reflected my life.



Imbottigliati- Bottled/Trapped

This one was a bit more difficult for me because I wanted to do something different but I just couldn’t find anything or unusual. I got a few shots of people filling up their water bottles so that could have worked but I didn’t think it was original enough. I didn’t submit anything for this category but I found these photos on the Torino Photo Marathon website that I really like. I really like the forced perspective of the second photo.



Mi Fido di Te- I trust you

When I walked past this guy and his dog, I knew this was the shot I wanted for this theme.


Connessi- Connect

Again on Via Roma, I was surprised to see this man plugged in at the cafe.


Quadrilatero- (the neighborhood in which the Click point was located)

One of my favorite corners of the city is Piazza della Consolata. There you’ll find the famous cafe’ Il Bicerin which is home to the Bicerin. A drink consisting of coffee, chocolate and cream. Just standing in the piazza, you’ll be sure to get a great shot.. of anything!


Il cielo su Torino- The sky over Torino

The skyline of Torino is breathtaking but it’s best enjoyed from a distance. In the city there are several lookout points and I was sure that most of the people participating in the marathon would probably go to said locations. I figured I would use my point of view, my balcony, for this theme. However by the time I got home, the sky was hazy and it just wasn’t what I wanted.



Carta Biana- Carte Blanche aka White Card, aka.. whatever you want

By the time this theme rolled around, I was exhausted and I just wanted to go home. I had run out of steam.



I had an absolute blast doing this event and if you want to see more of the amazing photos taking during this event, go visit the Torino- Italia Photo Marathon site. Here are some of the things I learned from my experience:

1- Use a cross body camera bag instead of a backpack. The city was packed with people who were there for Salone del Gusto so it made it convenient to use a backpack, however for changing lenses it was uncomfortable. I would have been easier to use a different bag.

2- Write everything down. I had taken a pen and small notebook to take notes. I had intended to jot down camera sittings or just ideas. What I should have done, was write down addresses or places of interest where I saw something interesting. Walking through the city, I passed by a restaurant that had the ceiling covered in blue glass bottles.. yet I couldn’t remember where it was when it came time to the “bottled” theme.  This would have been easier if I had a different bag. It would have been easier to get to every time I needed it.

3- Take more pictures. I actually came across that wedding in the picture above but it didn’t cross my mind to take pictures until it was too late. I could have gotten some great shots if I had just chosen to take random pictures of it.

4- Use public transportation. Husband and I tried to coordinate schedule because I wanted to meet up with them. However, I knew I would be exhausted if I took the bus, or metro to other parts of town and I wasn’t sure if I would have time. I stayed in the city center and I think that was a mistake.

5- Find a buddy. I wasn’t the only one alone. There were plenty of photographers on their own but as a first timer, it would have been nice to have someone with me. To discuss ideas, help with setups and just relax with.

Getting out of my comfort zone really opened my eyes to new opportunities. Using sites like Eventbrite, I can find exciting events and activities in my area. You can also plan and organize your own events using their event planning tools.  Just a quick search, not only did I find a FREE fit camp at my neighborhood park, I also found a Halloween party and a Movie night at a Language learning center AND a Shopping Tour with a Personal shopper!!!

I encourage you all, get out of your comfort zone. GOMO= Get Out More Often. I promise you, it will be awesome!

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