On the Menu: Pasta & Tuna

A few months ago, I wrote about my Menu planning process. (you can read about it here) While I haven’t exactly planned out anything this month (hello summer!) I still follow my rules I set up for myself.

To make meal planning easier, I designate certain days for certain types of meats/dishes. For example, if we’re craving fish of any kind, I schedule it for Friday night dinners. I think it started way back when we first got married. Husband is a practicing catholic and every year during Lent, he always has fish on Fridays. So, it just kind of stuck with us.

Having a designated day for certain foods really helps out during our planning process. It takes the guess work out and if you have your family’s favorites written down, then you can put them into rotation.


One of our go to dishes is Pasta & Tuna.. or what I like to call: The original Tuna Helper.


Remember those? Do they still make them? My mom used to buy some every so often and while the thought of them now makes me nauseous, it does bring back good memories.

This was a dish that my husband hadn’t introduced to me until we had moved here. Anyone who has had Italian tuna knows that American tuna can’t even be considered the same.


After having prepared it every week for months, I actually got sick of it and had to come up find new ways to serve it up. It usually consisted of adding different veggies. This has become one of my girls’ favorite dishes and they usually ask for seconds and thirds! Husband prefers to eat it a few days later. Reheated in a skillet. He says he likes the crunchy bits of the pasta & tuna.


Pasta & Tuna

500g Fusili pasta

4-80g Tuna in Olive oil



In a large pot, bring water to boil, add salt and pasta. Follow directions on package for Al dente cooking. DO NOT OVER COOK!!

While the pasta is cooking, add all cans of tuna (oil included) into a bowl/serving dish. Add as much parmigiano as desired. Add  cooked (and drained) pasta. Toss together, adding more parmigiano and/or oil if needed.





If you do make this dish, let me know what you think in the comments!

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