Day trip: Lago d’Orta


There are many reasons to love Piemonte. One of my favorite things about this region is the location. It’s position on the Alpine border makes it perfect for visiting pristine lakes.

Lago d’Orta is one that we have visiting a few times this summer. It’s located in northern Piemonte near Lago Maggiore and the Switzerland border. Anyone who has followed this blog knows that we have two girls that don’t do well when it comes to car trips. Our first go, I was really nervous. How well would they do? How far would we get before they start getting queasy?


Luckily, we made it the entire trip and the “sickness” kicked in just a few minutes before we found our parking spot.

Before heading out, we looked online for the best spot to have our picnic. There are several beaches along the shores of the lake as well as public areas which is what we chose.



Once we arrived, we pick our spot and enjoyed the day. If there’s one thing you learn when you’re at the lake/beach in Italy is that everyone wants the same thing.









TO GET LEATHERY ORANGE SKIN. You have people of all shapes and sizes in the smallest swimsuits and NO ONE gives you a second look. Well maybe me because I’m the only one in a one piece!! (darn Hawaiian rash!) If you’re having one of those days where you don’t like your body, just head to the lake.. you’ll feel better. TRUST ME.

Lago d’Orta is the perfect day trip when you want to get away. It’s long enough to require a Road trip playlist, yet close enough not to require extra lodging.




















To get more information on Lago d’Orta, the cit of Orta San Giulio, and the Lakes and valleys surrounding Lago Maggiore, check out the following pages:

Lago Maggiore and Lago d’Orta


**The photos for this post were  shot on two separate trips. 

**These are also SOOC (straight out of camera). I wasn’t able to do any editing.

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