Chiuso per ferie


We’re in the peak of summer season and the Italians are getting ready to hit the road. Many have already been ‘Chiuso per Ferie’ which means, Closed for Holidays! Back in the good ol’ days, everyone would shut down the entire month of August and head out to the beaches or mountains. When I first experience August in Italy, I was in shock! (Click here for a 2009 post). How could people just close shop for weeks?

Then slowly, year by year, shops started to close only for 2 weeks or even a week. Odd work schedules are becoming more apparent and the Italians have now opted to take their vacation in June and July. A few even opt for early September which usually means no crowds and a bigger savings in the end.

However they choose, it’s still a sacred and grand tradition. August 15th is the holiday that is celebrated during this time. It’s called Ferragosto. Ferie which is festival/holiday and Agosto for the month of August. This dates back to 18BC when it was introduced by Caesar Augustus to celebrate a few of the Roman holidays as well as take a rest period from harvesting crops. It also coincides with the Catholic holiday of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into the heavens.

It was in the late 1920’s that taking a trip during ferragosto became popular. This is something that I’m sure won’t leave the Italian tradition. Many Italians have summer homes that have been past down to generations which is totally the way to go. It’s a time to forget your troubles and just be and if you read my post last year about our trip to Rimini, you might remember one man soaking up the rays to transform himself to a walking, talking piece of leather. Seriously…. these folks look like leather!!

I say all of this because in the grand tradition of summer vacation, I too will be taking a break. I’ll be taking August off to rest, regroup, and plan out future blogs posts. Don’t worry.. we’ll be back. We’ve got BIG plans for this school year… and it’s called FREEDOM!!!  Miss C will be starting school which means, ALL 3 GIRLS will be in school!! What will I do with my time? Come back in September to find out!!


One thought on “Chiuso per ferie

  1. I’m anxious to know what u will b doing with ur free time. Have fun on your vacation n enjoy all that food! No cooking for Sonia!! That’s what I call a vacation!


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