City Gardens: Giardino via Bertolotti

Quietly located near one of my favorite piazza’s is 1,500 square meters of playground fun that I NEVER knew existed. This playground is literally right next to Piazza Solferino and quite frankly the perfect spot to get away from the tourist THAT WE DON’T HAVE! *but if we did… then this would be the spot to hide in. 


It’s not much but had I known about this while Miss V was younger, it would have saved me… big time. I could have easily sent my visitors to browse Piazza Solferino and come back to me when done.


I could have let me tired guests rest their feet while my girls got their wiggles out here; making it a much more enjoying sightseeing day.




Seriously.. so close.


While it’s convenient location makes it ideal for a pit stop during sightseeing, I don’t recommend play area for kids over the age of 6. The structures are too small for them and they’d get bored very quickly. They’re better of at Giardino Guglielminetti.




To see all of the playgrounds on a city map, click here.

*The city tries its best to upkeep these play areas. They’re cleaned once a week and checked for broken and damaged structures. They’ll often place a sticker on the equipment (usually the swings) with the date and time they controlled everything. There is also small plaque indicating the recommended age for use. While most of these playgrounds are gated some may not be completely closed off and most are located near very busy streets. 

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