City Museums: CameraTO


Having finally begun studying the art of photography, I was really interested when I learned there is a photography museum in Torino. It’s called CameraTO. I took the afternoon off from mom duties and headed into town.

Luckily, there was an exhibition going on. The Edward Weston exhibit was small and a bit disappointing. However the Francesco Jodice was great. I learned a lot about street photography.




There was so much to see and quite a few film project. They were so interesting, I could have spent the entire day there just watching them all. If you love the art of photography… like really love art then I highly recommend a visit.




CameraTO is located near the river and next door to the Leica store!

Centro Italiano per la Fotografia

Via delle Rosine 18

10123, Torino

Click here for their website



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