What’s your favorite quality in your spouse?

Dearest Husband,

To pick just one quality that is my favorite is just too hard so we’re going to narrow it down to these:

Honesty– From day one you have been completely 100% honest.. about EVERYTHING. You tell me you like it or love it when I make something good. You tell me when you DON’T like it when it’s not your style .. or when I DON’T make it the way your MOM does it! If my outfit is ok, you tell me. If I look uncomfortable, you’ll tell me to change! (polite way of saying that it’s tight) Sunday mornings I’m running around trying to get everyone ready and you’re telling me to skip the makeup because I don’t need it. As sweet as that is, I seriously need to do something about these dark circles under my eyes… but you’re a boy and you wouldn’t understand. I’ve always loved that we have been honest from day one. There are no secrets and we don’t hide our feelings.

Supportive/Motivator– You have always supported me in my dreams and have given me new goals. It was you that surprised me with a new (to me) DSLR before Miss V was born so I could start learning photography. You upgraded my phone to a smartphone so I could capture better quality videos of our girls. It was you that inspired me to try running and helped fuel the fire by making sure I got time to myself to go run.  You tease me for staying until 2am and calling me “professional” and “fancy” but I know you’re actually proud of the fact that  I am seriously motivated. I’m up at 2am blogging, watching YouTube videos on photography, or knitting. (which I need to start up again) It’s your example that moves me. You run, play tennis, golf, and play chess. Not to mention you’re also learning Spanish and love to read. you have all of these hobbies and interests that just push me and reminds me of the person I want to be. Not just a mom but a woman with hobbies that I’m really passionate about.

Work Hard and Play Harder– I’m grateful that I married someone with a strong work ethic. Your dedication to your job and family shows. Overtime at the office is sometimes needed and I know that. You are the reason why I am still able to stay home with the girls and because of your hard work, you deserve some rest, relaxation and fun. As I mentioned above, you have a lot of hobbies and you definitely deserve your down time. I also love how that includes family time. These first 6 years of parenting have been hard on both of us…. (ok.. mostly me) but we’re passing that point of Toddler years and we can finally do fun things without the need of a stroller, diaper bag or someone feeling left out because they have to sit with a baby!!


So, here we are. 9 years later and happy as can be. I love you! Happy Anniversary!


why is it so hard to get my kids to sit still and look at the camera?!


*This post is part of my 30 things series. Click here to see more. 

One thought on “What’s your favorite quality in your spouse?

  1. Felicidades you two! Wishing you a Very Happy Anniversary, n many more Years of Happiness with your Beautiful Family! Love your article!


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