Giro del Gelato: ConoGelato

girodelgelato You know that feeling you get when you want something familiar but different. Like you want gelato but not the usual stuff. You want something surprising, different, maybe even a little more daring.  That’s ConoGelato. It’s gelato with a simple twist.

Gelato made with Piemontese Bufalo milk! Yes.. you read correctly.. BUFALO MILK!

I am a huge fan of bufalo mozzarella which is a specialty of Campania region. When I saw this gelateria advertise their use of bufalo milk, I was on a mission to try it but I refused to do it alone. I wouldn’t dare leave the husband out.

While this has been one of our favorite spots for a while, we recently enjoyed a walk in centro and stopped at ConoGelato. The girls got their preferred flavors such as Strawberry and Miss C enjoyed the Gianduia.

_MG_8084 _MG_8074


Having little ones who love to get messy and are slow eaters means that husband and I usually have to wait until everyone is done before we can enjoy our own gelato. They polished off their gelato and once they had a look at mine were quick to ask for a taste.

The Fior di latte (this is THE one made with bufalo milk) is served from a soft served machine but I’ll let that slide because the flavor is so perfect. Not strong, not light. The girls had one taste, asked for me and then exclaimed that they are getting the same next time!


I highly suggest you visit ConoGelato and give into the deliciousness. Not all of their flavors are made with bufalo milk so if that’s not your thing, there are other options.



Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 22

10123 Torino


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