City Gardens: Giardino Reale

Ahh.. Spring! It’s here and yet it’s oddly warm. Too warm. Not that I’m complaining but it worries me. Normally we’re still in long sleeve shirts and a jacket but this week it has been short sleeve weather. Something tells me we’re in for a very hot summer and with that, it’s back to the playgrounds.

Another fun outing with my friend Turin Mamma took us to the play area near the Royal Gardens. As long as I have lived here, never have I visited this playground and that’s a real shame. It’s literally minutes away from a major piazza in the city center.



Reaching this area may be a bit tricky. You can access it from Viale dei Partigiani or that street in front of the Royal Theater. Walking on the ride side of the road and down the hill, you’ll know you’ve reached it when you see the above. It’s a bit hidden by the bushes.



Naturally, Miss C made a bee line for this structure. She’s pretty familiar with these ropes ladders and this one has a mini rock climbing wall to get up to the slide.  However, she quickly realized there was something else she’d rather do..



I don’t even know what this is but Miss C and TT (TurinToddler) loved it. They’d climb up, crawl through the hole and then back down. So while they happily played, I snapped away.

_MG_8209 _MG_8229 _MG_8210 _MG_8231 _MG_8241 _MG_8243

I imagine that this is a nice quiet spot for a lot of students to study and sun bathe. (you know them Italians love to get nice and tan!) What I love about this playground is there are a few picnic tables (little ones of course) but nice to be able to give your kid a snack and have them sit and rest for a bit. Of course this view ain’t so bad either…

I definitely recommend this playground as a quick stop to let you kids get their energy out and stretch out their legs from being in the stroller too long.

The Giardino Reale is located in the public access area of The Royal Gardens near Corso S. Maurizio and Via Rossini and just 2-3 blocks away from La Mole Antonelliana and Cinema Museum.





To see the playgrounds on a city map, click here.
*The city tries its best to upkeep these play areas. They’re cleaned once a week and checked for broken and damaged structures. They’ll often place a sticker on the equipment (usually the swings) with the date and time they controlled everything. There is also small plaque indicating the recommended age for use. While most of these playgrounds are gated some may not be completely closed off and most are located near very busy streets. 

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