Pinterest FAIL: DIY finger paints

I love me some Pinterest. What mom doesn’t?! Whether it’s looking for recipes, lusting after the gorgeous clothes you wish were in your closet, or looking for that perfect party decoration it’s our go-to for anything and everything. So when I need to find a craft for the kids I immediately search Pinterest. I’ve been doing a lot of searching this month and recently decided to try my hand at making finger paints.

During our Sunday services at church, I’m in the Nido aka Nursery with little tots 18 months to 3yrs of age. While there are 3 teachers in the Nursery, we rotate responsibilities. This month, I was in charge of Activities. Trying to come up with something that pleases boy and girls is hard let alone a wide age range. Thus.. the need for Pinterest.

Instead of buying finger paints, I thought I’d try to make my own. I found a recipe that had been pinned several times and it looked simple to make.

I was really excited once I finished and chose the colors. I tested out the “paints” and they worked perfectly! Once on paper it looked like Water colors and it was lovely.

Unfortunately, it was a different story the next day…


They turned into the most gelatinous, ugly, pain in the butt MESS! I even tried to add more water thinking that would help thin it out but it didn’t work.


They were no longer finger paints or paints for that matter. They were just goo.


Non finger painty goo. Chunky jelly goo.




*the girls had fun making a mess regardless. this was a simple recipe and if you intend to use it the same day then it’s wonderful. i may try it again and use less cornstarch in hopes that the next day results will be different. click here for the recipe and blog post.

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