*This post was started a few months ago but I’ve just now been able to edit the video.


We love watching YouTube videos. What’s up Moms is an obvious favorite and the girls love Cool School. So when both of these channels posted DIY slime videos we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to try it out ourselves. The girls had been begging me to make slime for a while so on a yucky wet autumn day, we got out the essentials and “got to making this craft.”* (*that’s a Crafty Carol signature line)

Once we started playing there was no going back. I learned that the more you manipulate the slime the more water you’ll need to add and that’s only because the girls were so excited that they ended up with more slime on the table than the bowl. Next time, we’ll have a bowl for each girl in different colors. This was so much fun and we can’t wait to have a playdate and show our friends. IMG_3928

Click here to see Crafty Carol make slime and if you want to see Brooke and Danica McKellar (aka Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years) and cool science experiments then click here.

*i originally wanted to do a voice over halfway through but decided not to because i just love listening to the girls giggle while playing. i wanted to mention that clean up was a breeze. i used a plastic tablecloth and was able to pick up the pieces of slime and put them back into the bowl (as you can see at the end of the video) not only does it rinse off easy but using a damp sponge, i was able to easily clean my chairs.

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