Potty training Miss C

A few weeks ago, Baby C became Miss C.


Yup. She turned 3 which means it’s time for Potty Training. While I have been thinking about it for a year, I didn’t want to start the process until she was ready. Having gone through this twice before, I knew what worked and what didn’t. If you’re a first time parent going through this it can be overwhelming especially since there are SO MANY different types of techniques you can use. Regardless of the process, I have one requirement before we can start.


I won’t consider even “practicing” until my kids can verbally communicate with me. I struggled with Miss V not because of communication so much but because I started when she was able to say the words “pee” and “penguin” aka poop. She was a very verbal baby and I knew that at 2yrs old she would be ok. Problem was that it took at least 6 months to get the pee trained and another full year for poop.

Miss E was a different story. I tried with her at 2 yrs but she wasn’t having it. Every accident resulted in tears and stress. She hated being wet but yet refused to go near the potty. We put it off and magically, one week before her 3rd birthday she came up to me and said, “Mommy I want to go potty.. but in the big one.” That was it. No tears, no mess… and just like that she was done with daytime diapers.

I just feel that if they can communicate with me and actually tell me  what they need, we can do it faster and both be happy.

Now that Miss C is 3 it’s her turn. We’ve spent weeks watching potty training videos on YouTube.  We practice sitting and we talk about what you’re supposed to do with the Toilet paper and hand washing. Then it was time. The weather got warmer and it was my cue to start. I’m taking a much different approach this time. After all we are training. She’s not going to get it in one day. I know some kids do but my baby doesn’t work that way. She needs time.. and a mother with some patience.

We’re doing 2 hours a day. Getting used to wearing underpants and again going through the motions of what to do. She’s also so eager to sit on the potty while she watches TV then I KNOW that she knows that it’s time yet she’s not sure so she has an accident and freaks out. Sometimes we’re lucky and we do a little dance, clap our hands and eat candy. Most times we’re in the shower doing a quick rinse and putting new clothes on again.

I know she’s starting to notice and that this way is working for her. The other day I saw her walking with her legs widely open. (much like a cowboy just getting off his horse) She peed in her diaper and must have thought her pants were wet too.

I see a light at the end of the diaper tunnel!



If you’re interested, here’s our Potty training playlist:

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