How to totally freak out your parents

Growing up we always ate a variety of foods… or at least I thought we did. We ate mostly Mexican but we also had our fair share of American comfort foods. Meatloaf, Roast.. things like that. We’d eat fish but usually was fried.. you know.. because TEXAS! As we got older we’d eat less at home and therefore explore other foods. The first time I tried Indian food I was 18 yrs old and it was then that I realized..  that I really should expand my horizons.

Living in a different country there’s nothing better than diving in and accepting the culture. I love having a market nearby and being able to get fresh foods. One thing I never thought I’d enjoy so much is preparing seafood. I love seafood…. when someone else prepares it and when it’s not all raw and squishy. That said, the first time I had to touch raw fish was.. um.. gross. I’m not talking about shrimp or salmon filets  but actual fish with everything still attached.


It was all bloody and the eyes were all staring at me. Gross. I think I even wore gloves to avoid having skin on skin contact! The end result however was amazing! Slowly I began trying more food that I thought I didn’t like. The turning point was our trip to Naples to visit Carlo’s Aunt and (now deceased) Uncle. Seafood galore and I was hooked.

dining on seafood spaghetti while visiting Imperia
delicious bowl of mussels

Living near the Alps you wouldn’t think seafood would be a staple but it is! Fish is readily available at my market and variety is quite remarkable. My girls always get a kick out of seeing all of the different types of fresh fish… from swordfish to live snails.


fresh swordfish

One of Big V’s favorite things to eat are these Alici or European Anchovies.


The last time my parents were here we decided to prepare some so they can try them. My mom will only eat fried fish and my dad claims to be a lover of all seafood….. yeah… he’s NOT! He didn’t really care for them claiming they had no flavour. I think he was just grossed out by eating them whole.  What do you think?


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