My hopes for 2016

It’s 2016 y’all! We are so living in the future but.. we don’t have flying cars..yet!

Last year I started with a goal in mind. It wasn’t anything too crazy but something I wanted to do just for me. I’m happy to say that I accomplished that goal. What helped me was a quote I had chosen as my theme for 2015.


I had this in my head countless times through out the year. My goal: TO RUN. Not any particular race nor amount but run. Run and like it. Run and keep going. Run continuously. I was my only obstacle and the only competition. I had begun in August of 2014 but I was a beginner and I wanted to be a real runner. One who could say “Oh.. I just ran 3k, 5k, etc.. ” or “I have to go for a run first then I’m free to meet”.

Even though I didn’t end the year the way I hoped, (due to hip pain) I know that I can achieve more. I did reach my goal. I was able to run 5k continuously.. no stopping for water.. jus slowly going.  That’s all I wanted and I did it.  Now 2016 will be there year I get back to that point. It may take me a while again because I don’t want to injure myself and have to start from all over again but I’ll get there. It might have to wait until September when I have all 3 girls in school.. but I’ll do it.

As for 2016, this year I have big plans. I haven’t gotten them figured out yet but I’ve chosen my them for the year.



CLEAN MAMA– Have you heard of Clean Mama? I follow her on FB and Instagram. She’s a house cleaning guru with tips and very helpful advice to keep your house clean and orderly. I have promised myself to DECLUTTER my house and get it in the shape it once was. I’m exhausted of having too much stuff around that doesn’t get used very often. I’ve got big plans to haul stuff to my basement and then get things in order. Part of this plan also includes finally decorating my house. Believe it or not but I’ve been in Italy for 7 YEARS (and a mom for almost 6) and just 2 days ago I FINALLY put up baby pictures of my girls!! I’M SO ASHAMED!

RUNNING (and yoga/pilates) – So as I mentioned above, I’ll keep running on my goals for 2016. Part of my routine is stretching and I so love using Blogilates workouts and will be incorporating these in between my runs.

READING– The last time I read a book I was in the hospital with Baby C.. so 3 YEARS AGO! I really miss reading a good book. I just finished a cheesy BritChickLit (British ChickLit) to get my mind in the mood for reading. I just saved a link for 13 books to read before they become movies and I really hope I can find some of these in town.

BACK TO BASICS– I’m even going to ditch my phone.. kinda. I was all about my Moleskine for years. I used it as my journal and I have several important milestones written in them. Then to make things easier I started using my phone calendar and lists. The problem was that I feel like I spend more time on my phone even thought I’m organizing dinner or writing out my grocery list. I have alarms and reminders set up but guess what!?! It’s so easy to just push a little button to remind you later or even delete things. The worst part.. MY HANDWRITING HAS GONE TO POT! I used to have really good handwriting… not to brag.. but seriously cute. Now it’s all chicken scratch and looks like a Doctor’s handwriting.  Using some of the templates I got from Clean Mama and other sites, I’m creating a Home Binder to keep things in order. My cleaning schedule, Menu planning, To- do lists  and etc.. I’ll still use my phone calendar but more as a backup and an FYI for the husband.

I’m really excited for the new year and hoping that all of these changes will help me get things in order and ultimately give me more freedom. So while my theme is to Simplify I know there will be times that I’ll forget so I’ll have to remember to just chill for a bit. That’s what the quote below is for. Here’s to a great 2016! Let’s do this!



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