Advent Calendar: Day 22

SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY: Matthew 2:11 (second half)

ACTIVITY OF THE DAY: Go see Christmas lights- Torino has some mad skillz when it comes to lights. Every year we have Luci d’Artista which are artistic light installations throughout the city. While a majority of the lights are the same, every year there’s generally a new installation. Placements are in the city piazzas or buildings and it adds the perfect holiday touch!

this picture doesn’t do it justice. i took this with my phone

SONG OF THE DAY: Silent Night by BYU Vocal Point. I keep seeing this video on FB for a few days now so I decided to check it out. While it’s not my favorite, it’s totally worth the 4:26 secs. I got chills.. and not just because it’s cold outside!

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