Halloween 2015


It’s my favorite holiday. I’ve always loved it. Living in a country where Halloween is not a “tradition” is hard when you’ve grown up with it. Slowly, people here are starting to celebrate and while they all think it’s Ghosts and Goblins my girls and I are all over here being as American as possible.


Every year the girls’ school likes to have a party around Halloween (even though they don’t want to call it a Halloween party). This year it was a pajama party and I’m pretty sure my girls were the only ones sporting Halloween pjs!


On Halloween, Miss V was sick but she seems to be doing a bit better so we quickly went downtown for gelato. Although she didn’t feel good, she was a good sport and enjoyed herself. There were quite a few kids out trick or treating and it was fun for the girls to see others dressed up.


We wanted to do a group costume but since Halloween still isn’t that big of a deal here and trick or treating in my neighbourhood is still new I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. So we DIY’d it this year. My unicorn just had a horn fashioned out of a toilet paper roll and ducted taped to a headband. We then added some tulle to a rubber band for her “magical” effect. My minion had her “eye” made of the same… toilet paper roll and duct tape. She already had a yellow shirt so my mom found the overalls at a second hand store. Minnie was Miss V’s costume from last year… easy peasy!

Hope you’re Halloween was just as fun as ours!

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