Bilingual Babies: Switching languages

For as long as I can remember, my parents have always wondered how the girls are able to switch back and forth between English and Italian. It’s not the fact they are speaking it but how they’re able to know when to switch. It’s not like us that we consciously know when to speak which language.

Explaining to them the logistics of learning is not something I like to do. However, I can’t stress enough how important it is that they speak ONLY ENGLISH with the girls. It’s important that they associate from the beginning the language with each person. Once they get older, we can be more lenient but for now I have strict rules and it’s the best way for them to learn.

While this video isn’t the best, it’s the earliest example I have of switching between the 2 languages. Speaking to me and insisting on singing a song which is in Italian.


4 thoughts on “Bilingual Babies: Switching languages

  1. I completely agree Sonia, At the beginning at least, you need to really stick to ‘the one person, one language’ rule. TT has been a bit slow to start talking but I can see she understands both languages well and I’m confident that she’ll speak both well some day too. Gorgeous video of the girls by the way 🙂

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