How to dry your laundry in the fall/winter

It’s fall y’all! I love this time of year. The leaves are changing color and there’s that crispness in the air. Here in Piemonte that also means rain and lots of it. With rain comes fog and humidity and that means… YOUR LAUNDRY NEVER GETS DRY… EVER!

Sometimes I forget to look at the evening’s forecast and I’m surprised the next morning with cold wet weather. I’ve left the towels outside thinking they would dry while we slept… I was wrong.


And sometimes I’m not the only one. ..


We have our balcony enclosed to create a veranda which is really convenient and totally necessary when you’re living 9 floors up! (In Italy, you don’t count the ground floor as the first. In the US, it would be considered the 10th floor)

So as you see.. my wet towels outside and clothes on my drying rack not getting dry.



The only solution is to bring them in for a few days and hope they’ll dry.



Of course you have to hope and pray that your kids don’t get sick or you will have to wait a few days to have everything cleaned up.

In this case… we’re dealing with an accidental nighttime bed wetting incident. It took 3 days to get this mattress cover dry. Luckily with 3 beds (and a kid who won’t sleep in hers) we had a spare.


yes… life in Italy is glamorous. You SHOULD be super jealous that we DON’T have a dryer.

3 thoughts on “How to dry your laundry in the fall/winter

  1. Hi Sonia….I admit we have a dryer. So worth it. And these days they are much more energy efficient than what they were 9 years ago when we moved here. You might need to take a trip to Mediaworld this weekend… 🙂


  2. This wet weather drives me crazy when it comes to clothes! We would hardly use the dryer in the US — just for 5-10 minutes to get the wrinkles out and get it started drying. Yet another good reason for a dryer: they help at least the cotton t-shirts not come out as one wrinkled wad.


  3. In Australia, we can get away with drying clothes year round (wet weather being the only exception) outside on a clothesline. It really is hard to dry clothes here , especially when you live in a flat in the city and with this tricky wet, cooler weather we have at this time of year. Like you I just bring everything inside and hope and pray everything will dry quickly.


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