Our family vacation… part 3 (the beach)

The Adriatic sea. A family’s dream. Well my family’s dream. I have been told that the Adriatic is popular with families because the water level is much lower than the Mediterranean. I can say that I was very pleasantly surprised how low the water really was. Early in the morning, it was crystal clear. You could see the ripples in the sand, the sardines swimming around and the teeny tiny crabs burrowing into the sand.

see how clear the water is?!?!

As I mentioned in part 2 of this series, Valentini Village is the name of the resort village where our hotel was located. Within this “village” are the different hotels and resorts. Our “section” of the beach at Valentini Village was called Playa del Sole. It hosts all of the hotels on 4-5 small streets in Valentini Village.

I had never expected to see such a clean, family friendly, and fun beach. It was nice to see that during lunch and before dinner time, the staff would walk through, comb the beach for trash and make sure everything was in order. They really took care of everything. Even the bathrooms were clean..and I mean REALLY clean!





I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I was told there would be an area for kids to play in. So I was so surprised and just in awe of how great this beach is. Not just an area for the kids to play in but a proper playground. Several of them. Table tennis, Bocce ball, Volley ball, dancing, etc.. There was something for everyone.

table tennis






once a week, Playa del Sole hosted a night time beach party

One of the things I enjoyed the most is the people watching. Italians (Europeans in general probably) love them some sun. I mean.. LOVE. This I knew. When husband and I first met, I teased him (and still do) about his love for the sun. He never wears a hat when he golfs or plays tennis. He will get skin cancer… I’m sure of it. ANYWAY, people watching at the beach was probably the one thing I never got tired of. From young adults to old folks, they were all basking in it. Like it was bake or die. Squirting themselves with water, or slathering the oil and then positioning  the chair so they got maximum sunlight. I wonder what they thought of me?! Sadly, I have a major allergic reaction when I get too much heat exposure so I have to be in the shade. Like seriously, covered head to toe, in the shade, cool as a cucumber. Otherwise I will have a massive heat rash all over my body which Zyrtec and sunblock will barely work.

look past the girls… the picture is all about that guy baking himself into a walking, talking, piece of leather



that’s about as much sun as i got

*quick story- this young couple show up and are having a great time. a few days into their stay they show up with this pretzel float. i had to snap a picture.. it’s greatness.. no.. it’s a genius move because… THEY’RE GERMAN!! yes.. this german couple in their totally perfect stereotypical glory.


on our last day.. they pull out the sausage! it’s like they knew i was obsessed with them and their uber fantastic plastic! to them i say *danke*


As I mentioned, the water level on the Adriatic was low even to go several meters in and still not have the water level at your waist. On our last day, the water had receded and it was even lower. Seriously so fun to go in and just have the water at your ankles when earlier that morning it was at your knees!


shopping for dresses on the beach
a huge difference from his picture and the ones above!

Although it was a rough start, our beach holiday ended exactly how we hoped. The girls ended up loving the water.. especially Baby C. Don’t let this picture fool you. I think this was taken on the first or second day. By the end of our trip, she was dragging Daddy back in to the water saying, “mare, mare.”

… and while husband didn’t get to dunk and throw our kids into the water to “make them swim” they had a great time. (mostly collecting shells and building sand castles)


My face in this picture pretty much sums up this trip. Relaxed and yet Exhausted. Until next time Bellaria! Thanks for the memories!


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