Our family vacation… part 2 (the location)

We were suggested a simple and humble hotel in Bellaria. While it was technically a hotel is was more like a small resort with a BnB feel. Minimal and basic. Nothing fancy. No frills. Simple. Friendly. Quiet. That’s exactly how we like our hotel. It felt so homey and cozy. We were greeted by management the minute we pulled up. While Carlo parked the car, we were shown our room where I could clean up Baby C and then immediately shown to our table at lunch. Each room had an assigned table for the duration of our stay. We became friendly with family at the next table. Our all inclusive stay included a breakfast buffet and 3 course meals for Lunch and Dinner.  At our arrival, they left us a menu of that night and the next day’s meal. Not only was there an buffet of appetisers and veggies, we were given a choice of dishes for Primo and Secondo (1st and 2nd course) as well as dessert.  As you can see by the pictures, it was very easy to gain 3kg in a weeks time.


bread and nutella for breakfast
sweet and savory for breakfast. best way to start the day


our menu options

pasta & pesto with calamari


pasta alla norma (tomato and eggplant sauce)
seafood salad

a taste of Emilia-Romagna
pasta Bolognese

Bellaria Igea Marina is a small beach town with an amazing family friendly atmosphere. A lot of the hotels are just a few feet from the beach so parking is tight which means that you may need to leave your car in a locked lot. (don’t worry.. it’s totally safe) The streets are small and hotels are just lined up. Night life in Bellaria is for everyone. Carnivale rides, shopping, restaurants all open till at least 11pm. As you can see from the map below, Bellaria is a good size town. Our hotel was located on one of those tiny one way streets closest to the beach.


For more information about Valentini Village visit their site. Here you’ll be able to see the hotels that are in the area as well the area of the beach available to guests.

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