Knitting project: Miss V’s rainbow scarf

IMG_3837Last winter, I was on a mission. I was going to make a scarf for my girls. Each one would have a their own scarf loving knitted by me. I picked out the yarn that I thought would best suit their personality. Miss V had requested a rainbow scarf. We spent hours on Pinterest looking at different patterns and tried to find the one we liked best. Since I’m very much in the beginning phase of knitting it needed to be simple.

Obviously my girls don’t understand the concept of ‘Mommy doesn’t know how to do that’ so I needed to come up with another option. I finally got her to just agree on a simple rainbow colored scarf and rather than learn how to make a cloud for the ends, I talked her into just some white fringe. I finally finished this a few weeks ago and just in time. The weather is starting to turn chilly and we may be needing to use this soon. Now if only I could learn to make hats up in a jiffy we’d be set!

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