City gardens: Corso Brunelleschi

One of the great things about living in Torino is that it’s very green. Leave the city center and make your way into the neighborhoods and you’ll see how family friendly the city is. For this post, I decided to check out a play area out of the city center. There is a Holiday Inn in this part of town and many tourist come to this side of town either with tours or with the Aeronautics and Space company nearby.

This play area is located on Corso Brunelleschi and Via Chambery. This is the first group on this street. There actually isn’t much but it’s surprisingly very popular. One thing I noticed was that it’s usually not crowded during the after school hours which is shocking because it is near a school.

IMG_3208 IMG_3209 IMG_3210 IMG_3213

As you can see from the pictures, It’s lined by trees which is perfect for the hot summer months. In the winter, the sun doesn’t come through much so you won’t warm up too much. The equipment is a bit battered but if it’s broken, it will get replaced. One side is fenced off from the traffice and the other is lined with a bike path. This play area is near an intersection so  there are a lot of times when you’re following the little one making sure they don’t wander too much.

The Corso Brunelleschi/Via Chambery play area is recommended for kids ages 2-6.










*The city tries its best to upkeep these play areas. They’re cleaned once a week and checked for broken and damaged structures. They’ll often place a sticker on the equipment (usually the swings) with the date and time they controlled everything. There is also small plaque indicating the recommended age for use. While most of these playgrounds are gated some may not be completely closed off and most are located near very busy streets. 

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