If I had 3 wishes.. What would I wish for.

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1- Bigger house with yard- What’s funny is that when we lived in the States, we had lots of friends who lived in houses and we lived in an apartment. We could have easily rented a great big house with a pool. It wasn’t necessary for us and all of that extra money just went into savings for the trips we would take. Now that we’re in Italy, I have a serious case of house envy. Stand alone houses here are hard to come by, especially in the city. Having a “villetta” (little villa) makes you super fancy and incredibly lucky. There’s one house I pass on the way to the market and I wish it was ours. 2 floors, a beautiful balcony, gates, small patch of grass. I would LOVE to have just a small little courtyard for the girls to play outside when I’m too busy to take them to the playground. I don’t think I need to mention that I would totally have some a/c up in there!

2- Job- I know this will come in due time. Like most people I know, I started working at 18 yrs old. This is the first time that I’ve been unemployed.. like seriously unemployed. I miss working. I miss talking to adults about real grown up things. I miss having money of my own. I hate having to ask for for money. I know it’s only temporary and my patience has/is being tested and will continue for some time. I know that. I’m just hoping that at the end of this… there’s a great opportunity for me.

3- Texas and Italy were closer. Less than 5,000 miles and I could travel with train instead of plane! That would be the best! I don’t like to say that I’m all alone here because I do have Carlo’s family and friends BUT… I don’t have any of my own family here. My parents come visit often but how great would it be if I could easily travel back and forth. I could be apart of all of the important events like Baptisms and Graduations.

Anyone got a magic lamp I can rub?

2 thoughts on “If I had 3 wishes.. What would I wish for.

  1. Awwww….yes….the distance between Texas and Italy. I can relate…we are in Varese and are from Houston……we need a bullet train that crosses the Atlantic!


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