5 ways we’re trying to cope with the heat

… and it ain’t easy my friends

I’m going back to Hell. It’s too hot here.

It’s 23.25 (11:25 for you non 24 hour clock users) and according to Yahoo! Weather, it’s currently 32C/90F. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with this picture. I know it’s summer and it’s July but seriously? There are so many reports stating different facts that I’m not sure what it true. Some have said that this month has been the hottest in 70 years, some in 100+ years and others.. in history. Meaning.. it’s just flippin’ hot and who the heck cares! I want some A/C!!

Ok.. a breeze just came through the balcony and calmed me down a bit. We’re trying our hardest to survive this inferno. If this was Texas we’d just turn on the a/c and find an indoor activity. Unfortunately no so easy in Bella Italia. We’ve been searching for 2 weeks for a fan. Just your every day oscillating fan. Everyone is OUT!! We’ve been to several stores as well as online.. NOTHING. We do have one fan, and it’s barely working so that one lives in the girls room.

Needless to say we’re trying all we can to stay calm and cool which isn’t easy at all but somehow, we’re managing. Day by freaking sweaty day. Here’s how:

1- STAY INDOORS: Some days are worse than others. Today was one of them. We reached 38C/100F. The afternoon sun blazing and I had the blinds in the kitchen and my bedroom closed yet, I can actually feel my skin burning. It’s red and hot to the touch. I’m sure there will be an awesome heat rash on my arm tomorrow. These are the days when we do absolutely nothing. Stay indoors, spray ourselves with water, sit in the shower and move from one room to the next, just trying to stay cool. We also arranged a playdate at a friends house. A friend who has A/C! It was the most glorious 3 hours so far!

2- GO OUTSIDE: On the good days when the humidity is low it’s better for use to be outside. IMG_2805Anyone who lives in an apartment building like we do will tell you that living on the top floor has it advantages and disadvantages. ADVANTAGE: getting a great breeze when all of the windows and doors are open. DISADVANTAGE: getting all of the direct heat from the sun . It’s like an oven so our only relief is to escape where it’s cooler. Luckily, we’ve got a shaded playground across the street and we’ve been taking advantage of it. We also organize a weekly playdate at a local park. Picnic lunches and water balloon fights keep our mind of the heat and it certainly helps to have a gelato before heading home.

3- NAKED DAYS: Do you remember the Friends episode where Joey tells Rachel that she could move in with him. (after Monica and Chandler decided to live together) He mentions Naked Thursdays. Well we have Naked Tuesday. It’s just a fun way for the girls to get messy while coloring or painting and not having to worry about their clothes. It’s also a nice way to keep cool in the heat.

4- COOL EATS: Anything requiring the oven is off limits on most days. I have no energy to clean or
IMG_2816go for a run so why would I have energy to cook AND make my kitchen even hotter!! This is where my husbands crazy diet comes in handy. He either only wants sandwiches or popsicles. Either way I win! With delicious fruits like Watermelon and peaches in season, I have noticed that  my appetite has gone and all I want is water and fruit. (another mannerism that shows I’m turning Italian) Gelato is another way we’ve been cooling off. We can’t get enough although we’re leaning towards the fruit based and not so much milk based. My friend – Turin Mamma- hosted our playdate last week and she made a very delicious Vanilla bean gelato. The girls ate it in record time.. and asked for more!

Turin Mamma- 3 ways to make Ice cream at home!IMG_2778

5- HYDRATION: I honestly love that my girls are water drinkers. They don’t go begging for juices or cokes. They crave water… and Sparkling water at that! Now they’re asking to drink my Infused waters and keep asking me to make different flavours.

What are some ways you’re keeping cool? Let me know!

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