What is your dream job and why.

My absolute, totally awesome, would be perfect job?


Gelato quality control & US food/culture consultant.

Ok so that’s not even a real thing.. is it?! It’s called a DREAM JOB for a reason! This would so be the best, most perfect job. Seriously.. if there is a job in Torino that is exactly this.. CALL ME! I’M THE GIRL FOR THE JOB!

I love me some Gelato and I’m pretty sure I have eaten more than my weight in the 6.5 yrs that I’ve been here. I’ve tasted most flavors and can pretty much spot the good from the bad before stepping into the place. I have no problem with telling them (in the most polite and professional way) if their gelato is good, too cold, too soft.. or just plain gross.

US culture/food consultant: I’m looking at you “American style restaurants” that lack flavour and seriously need to redo their menu. I’m afraid to even go into your place because I’ve seen the menu… and NO!! You’re doing it all wrong. Let me in your kitchen and I’ll show you what’s up! Some of you serve burgers that are too dry and others serve with odd ingredients. As far as Mexican restaurants go I just have to say.. you’re way too expensive for a incomplete and tasteless meal.


Ok… now a bit more on the realistic side:

As we grow and evolve  so our dreams. One of my dreams jobs has been fulfilled. I’m a mom. Cheesy I know but it’s true. In my opinion, there is no other job more important than that of a mother. As wonderful and beautiful it is to be a mom, it doesn’t pay the bills. (wouldn’t it be amazing if we DID get paid?!)

In the next 2 years, I’ll have all of my girls in school which means I will be free to not only get back to having an almost meticulous house, but I’ll be able to find work. I’ve been thinking about this for some time and I know it might be impossible but that’s why it’s called a “Dream” Job.

1- work at home- Somewhere there’s a great job where I can work from home. A job for a US company with offices in Torino. Getting paid in dollars yet working the Italian holiday schedule. Flexible enough to get stuff done during the day and be at home and take care of the house and kids. Wonder where I should start looking?

2- city tourism- I could commute into town and get out of the house! I’d be able to have a conversation with adults. I would absolutely LOVE to work in tourism, either as a city guide or on some kind of events committee.

3- medical translator- I really miss working in the medical field and unfortunately the title of Medical Assistant doesn’t really exist here. So I’m kinda stuck in limbo. I’m not a Nurse so that’s out. I don’t want to be a phlebotomist so that’s out too. I thought that a Medical Translator could be a good fit. I know Medical terminology so I’d just have to study up on the Italian side of things. I should look into it!

4- english teacher at a day care-  There are a lot of Day Care centers and Nursery schools that are offering English lessons. I plan to make this a back up plan although in reality it’s probably my best chance for receiving an income. This wouldn’t exactly be the ideal but it would work. Hours would be few depending on how many locations I go to and how often I’d be there (1-2 times per week) It would be enough to maybe contribute to groceries or at least support my nail polish habit.

I’ve still got an entire year to research and find something but whatever I do.. I REALLY have to improve my Italian.



5 thoughts on “What is your dream job and why.

  1. Good luck with your job search…lots of interesting options these days….and it seems you have some time to really find what you are looking for. I need to improve my Italian too although I have been in Italy a long time.


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