Giro del Gelato: La Fattoria del Gelato


I wish I could remember who told me about La Fattoria del Gelato. I need to hug them.. or buy them a huge gelato! La Fattoria is an agrigelateria located in Pianezza which is located 15km west of the city center. Most people aren’t aware that this place even exist and that probably because it’s geared for children. However La Fattoria is for EVERYONE.

LA FATTORIA: So not only is this a gelateria, it is a working farm. I love that my girls can get a sense of country living’ while being so close to the city. They absolutely love being able to get up close to the animals.

IMG_4921   IMG_4889

IMG_4896   IMG_4961

IMG_8020   IMG_4939

IMG_7975   IMG_0972

THE PLAYGROUND: The wide spaces of this playground is perfect for kids. There’s lot of room to run around and plenty of equipment for kids of all ages. The girls always have to play with the mini tractors and bikes. Those are usually always occupied so keep your eye out for one that’s free and then snatch it before anyone gets it!

There are swings, slides and see-saws and of course a princess castle for the girls. Even on the busiest days, you can still get your turn. The kids always play nicely and the parents all want the same for their kids. To have fun! It’s not at all uncommon to make friends.

Perhaps the best part of the play area (according to the kids) is the hay pit. Every parents nightmare… picking strands of hay from hair and out of shoes. It’s killer on my allergies but it’s fun for them.

IMG_4125   IMG_7992

IMG_8019   IMG_5020

IMG_1903   IMG_1909

IMG_8006   IMG_8015

IMG_5001   IMG_5081

LA GELATERIA: With a farm and a garden on site, it’s no surprise that this Agrigelateria serves some amazingly delicious products. The gelato is fresh and bursting with flavor. The panna (whipped cream) is THE BEST I’VE EVER TASTED! They’ve got plenty of flavours to choose from (NY Cherry Cheesecake!!) and you can also buy fresh milk and yogurt from them. As you can see, the servings are very generous (and these are small cups/cone). With 5 hungry gelato lovers, we’ve now opted for a half kilo (alb) tub of gelato.

IMG_1888   IMG_1900

IMG_8030        IMG_8033


I can’t recommend this place enough. I really wanted to have my girls’ birthday party here but unfortunately their birthday fall in the winter and spring when weather is unpredictable. They also hosts fun workshops for the family. Gelato making, churning butter, cheese making and MORE! So if you’re in town, stop by and enjoy!

La Fattoria del Gelato

Via Grange, 44

10044, Pianezza (TO)

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