Mini First Aid kit

first aid kit

Summer hasn’t officially started but we’ve been practically living at the playground every day for the past few weeks. Baby C is becoming more  independent which means she’s wanting to play with the big kids. She’s the more rambunctious of the bunch so I feel like I should be more fully prepared for anything that could happen.

I thought I’d put together a mini First Aid kit to get me through the next few months. Of course the day after I began to put things together, I left it at home and Miss V scraped her finger and asked for a band-aid.

I searched through a lot of Pinterest boards and pins and I’ve narrowed down the items that I feel are best useful to my family. *you’ll notice that I don’t mention hand sanitizer and that’s because I already carry it in my purse as well as my playground bag.

First Aid kit:

peppa facial tissues are always needed.

Kleenex- I usually keep a pack in my purse but I thought it was better to put some in the kit incase I leave my purse at home.

Band-aids- Do you know that I have a hard time finding fun band-aids?  For some reason, the cute band-aids aren’t carried at my local supermarket or they’re crazy expensive. I’ve asked my parents and siblings to send us band-aids and they laugh… but Barbie and Disney princesses are a must for us!

Cleansing wipes-I asked my pharmacist for a cleansing wipe that would be safe not only for cleaning the girls face and hands but also for cuts and wounds. So I got this small pack of 10 wipes and as you can see by the photo above it is approved for all uses.

Gauze/surgical tape/Dispoable gloves– In the event someone gets hurt and needs more than a band-aid, I thought it would be wise to throw in some gauze. I figure this could be useful in the event of a wound that needs better assessment.

IMG_2017_2Mosquito repellant and ointment-I’m a magnet for mosquitos.. must be all the chocolate I eat!
Turns out my girls are so sweet that mosquitos are attracted to them too. Again, asking for my pharmacist’s opinion, she recommended Ledum brand. It came in a box with the repellant spray and an ointment to use after you get stung. I must warn you that the odor is VERY strong. If you’re only going to carry this spray around, make sure to put it in a plastic bag apart from your other items. I have tried this once and I can tell you it works well. I didn’t get any bites after I sprayed and rubbed it on my skin. The smell lingered for a bit but it wasn’t too strong.

Sunblock- Here in Italy, we do get a lot of the bigger name brand products like Nivea, Garnier, &

IMG_2012_2 Avon. We also have a lot of name brands from other countries. I once made the mistake of getting a store brand product and it was the bad! The cream was so greasy and what made it worst was that the bottle didn’t close properly so it always leaked! One brand I do love is L’Erbolario Lodi. Their Piccolosole  50+ is amazing! I used it when Miss V was little and spent part of our summer in Texas. I slathered it on her daily and I’ve gotta say… it worked great!



Hair clips & hair ties- I’ve got 3 girls… do I really need to explain?!

I feel like this is probably the best group of products that I can use in any small emergency.  I would like to mention that as you go to the playground/parks, take notice of what is around you. We generally frequent 2 play areas with pharmacies located across the street from each area. We also have a hospital just minutes away (5-10 minutes walking/1 minute by car) which is why I felt it was better to throw in the gauze and gloves. You never know when you’ll need them.. even if it’s just to move dog poop so your kids don’t step on it!


Do you have a first aid kit? What’s in yours? Is there anything I’ve left out? Let me know in the comments!



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