How to impress the Italians.

If you can’t tell, I love to cook and bake. It’s my thing or at least it was. I considered myself a good cook, everyone told me I was so I believed them. Sweets were my specialty. Cheesecakes, cupcakes & cookies. I used to make them to celebrate my co-workers birthdays.


Once we arrived here, I lost my mojo and my confidence was shot. Everything is different, even the sugar granules are different. So It took me a while to figure things out and to reconnect with my oven. During this time, I noticed something. Anytime there was a church function, I would always over hear the Italians ask the (LDS- Mormon) Missionaries if they made brownies. Turns out, they L-O-V-E brownies. I made it a mission to finally be able to make a decent brownie. Funnily enough, those were the one thing I couldn’t make. (not even from a package) They never came out right but for some odd reason, the stars and moon aligned just right and I now I’m a brownie making machine!

My husband loves them, as do the girls and these Italians go absolutely insane! I started taking them to our Apericena nights at the playground and the other moms kept asking me for the recipe. Just this week, Miss V had her end of year recital and I made 2 big batched of brownies.  They were almost completely gone after only 20 minutes. Again, I had more mothers wondering who had made them and if they could have the recipe.

So my recommendation is to find that one dessert that you can rock, make any necessary changes (due to quality of ingredients being different) and keep your fingers crossed.

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